My experience at your side

  • 200+ commercial projects
    Since 1999 I participated in over 200 multimedia projects – CD-s, WWW sites and mobile applications mainly for education and advertising purposes.
  • 25+ year of freelancing, 35+ years of coding
    I started in early 90’s, when on 8-bit computers I created my own versions of popular games and tools. Love for development of  games and user experiences determined my choices in professional career.
  • solid foundation of multimedia information technologies
    In 2001 I received my master’s degree in Multimedia Information Systems after graduating from Wroclaw University of Technology at The Faculty of Computer Science and Management.
  • good, practical knowledge of industry standards and technologies
    Cross-platform: Flutter, .NET MAUI, React Native, Unity, Unreal Engine
    Native: Swift, Java, C++
    Backend: Firebase, Apache/PHP/MySQL.
    Variety of graphic-, video-, audio- and 3d- editing software.
  • constantly developing attitude
    In free time I implement my own ideas. Using Unity3dOculus and bunch of other technologies I test my game and app concepts. Like a real geek, I work in self made, KNX based, automated office.


Contact Wiesław Kolaczek
ul. Południowa 6
55-080 Kąty Wrocławskie
NIP: 885-150-09-71

tel. +48 600 542 916